How to Join

Are you interested in joining Minuteman Composite Squadron?  We would love to have you join us!!


Step 1 Contact the Squadron

Contact us to confirm the meeting date, time and location.  You can also take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about membership eligibility. Please keep in mind that all of our members are volunteers. We’ll try to respond to membership inquiries as soon as possible, so please give us a few days to respond. Please contact 1LT Adrian Joye or Capt. Ron Nicholas.

Step 2 Visit the Squadron

The best way to learn more about what you can do in CAP is to attend a meeting. You’ll have a chance to see how meetings are run and what types of activities are available. Our cadet meetings (ages 12-18, with Sr. Members present) are every Thursday from 1900 to 2100 (7:00-9:00 p.m.).  

Please note that on fifth Thursdays of a month, we hold special meetings. These may be social gatherings, make-up training nights, or parent open-houses. You are welcome to join us, but verify location in advance.  Senior members (adult members) meet on the 2nd through 4th Thursday of each month, at the same time and location.

Parents and Guardians may join Civil Air Patrol as Cadet Sponsor Members. As a Cadet Sponsor Member, you’ll be able to support your cadet by acting as a chaperone or a driver during activities. For more information, please see the cadet staff.

Step 3 Membership Application Process

After you’ve visited a few meetings and feel confident you want to join the Civil Air Patrol, we’ll provide you with a membership application, take your fingerprints (adults), and inform you of the amount of annual dues. (All Senior Members are fingerprinted and undergo a background check, for the safety of our cadets.)

You can also download the membership applications here if you would like to bring them in already filled out (this saves a little time):  SENIOR            CADET

In the space that requests unit charter number, you can enter MER-VA-135.

Cadets can also apply online but must attend 3 meetings, show proof of identity, and their parents must have a brief conversation with the Squadron Commander or designee prior to membership application approval.

Senior Members must mail their applications with fingerprint cards and dues fee to:

Civil Air Patrol/DP

105 S. Hansell St. Bldg 714

Maxwell AFB, AL  36112 

NOTE:  Written applications without the squadron commander’s signature will not be processed.

Annual membership dues for Virginia are $51 for senior members and $33 for cadets. Make the check out to: “Civil Air Patrol”.

Note: dues for Cadet Sponsor Members are $30 per year to join, $20 per year to renew. 

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