CAP Cessna Overflying Mount Rushmore
Minuteman Composite Squadron is one of 23 Civil Air Patrol units in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

We are a Composite squadron, meaning we have a Cadet Corps as well as a Senior Member component.

Our cadet meetings are every Thursday from 1900-2100 (7-9pm).
Our senior members meet once a month on the second Thursday from 1930-2030 (7:30-8:30pm).

We would like to invite adults and teens from all walks of life, skill levels, physical abilities and professions. If you have skills or want to develop your skills in web design, marketing, communications, education, safety, leadership, administration, logistics and nearly every other occupation you can imagine, we need you. If you are former military and miss the foundries of military life, we need you. If you are a teen and want to build your confidence and skills in a supportive and steadfast environment, learn something new and have fun with others who will treat you with dignity and respect, we need you. We would like to invite you to one of our weekly meetings to discover how we make a difference every day!

Members in the News!

Last year, members of Virginia Wing travelled south to North Carolina after Hurricane Florence for disaster relief by assisting NC Wing set up and manage FEMA POD sites.  POD stands for "Point of Distribution" and the sites provided food, water, and emergency tarps to local residents impacted by the hurricane.  One member of our unit is featured in this AP News video describing the activities of our members, and many CAP cadets can be seen in the video!

Upcoming Events:

Minuteman Composite Squadron is more than just a "Thursday night thing."  We have multiple opportunities to engage in fun and meaningful activities.  Our upcoming events are:

Current Announcements:

2019 Encampment has wrapped up. Congratulations to the following cadets:

C/A1C Samuel Ragland
C/Amn Kacey Marten
C/Amn Mateo Manwaring
C/CMSgt Calvin Lenon

We look forward to your continued growth in Civil Air Patrol.

Special thanks to 2nd Lt Jeremiah Browne and SM Isaiah Chauhan for supporting the cadets at encampment.


 We work very hard to keep our members up to date and in the know.  In order to achieve the best ability to communicate urgent information, all squadron members should sign up for RainedOut.  It is the official method for communicating urgent information.  Click here to sign up to receive critical communications via text message or email.  All members should be in the "All Members" group, and any member interested in emergency services should also subscribe to the "ES" group.  This can also be done quickly and easily by texting "135ES" to 84483 to receive ES alerts from our squadron and "135Members" to 84483 receive time sensitive information such as meeting changes or cancellations.