About Us


“To serve America by performing Homeland Security and humanitarian missions for our communities, states, and nation;  developing our country’s youth;  and educating our citizens on the importance of air and space power.”


Civil Air Patrol, An Auxiliary of the US Air Force

CAP’s mission statement symbolizes who we are and why we exist. These are the essential jobs which we have been tasked to perform for America. What does it mean? Civil Air Patrol has been at the forefront of community service for six decades – in times of war and peace – its members giving far more than they could hope to receive in return. CAP’s members do this for love of country, respect for their fellow man, and their need to contribute to their communities.

Brief History

CAP was founded on 1 December 1941, just six days before Pearl Harbor. The mood of the country was one of uncertainty. The world at that time was in a frantic and uncontrollable state of change. The European, Asian, and African continents were consumed by conflict: new conflicts using weapons borne of advanced technologies – including the airplane. These weapons could deliver un imagined levels of destruction – not only to the battlefield, but also to civilian populations hundreds of miles away from the battlefield. It changed the face and consciousness of warfare. Most disturbingly for America, its citizens could not know for sure that just six days after CAP’s founding their country would be mired in this new kind of war. It could not yet see the work, sacrifice, setbacks and comebacks which would be the building blocks of the Allied triumph in World War II – or the unforgettable role America and Civil Air Patrol – would play in that triumph. From sinking submarines off the East Coast, to playing a role during the Cold War, to Missions for America post “9 / 11″, the Civil Air Patrol has had a prominent place in American Volunteer Service.